Why Charmed Chalkers for Billiards, Pool, and Snooker Players?

This is a specialty item designed for players involved in the game of Billiards, Pool and Snooker.

Cue stick chalk is an imperative component in all games of Billiards. Without it there are miscues and missed shots. This is something a billiards player of any type cannot afford. There are several options of chalk holders that we have to choose from. Some players use just the cube of chalk on the pool table that everyone else uses. Some players prefer to bring their own cube in their favorite color and set it on the pool table during their shot and take it back when they have finished their turn. Some prefer to use their chalk in what is called a “zipline” attached to their pocket or belt. And others like the “magnet” style or the “pen” style. Charmed Chalkers is another choice when it comes to your pool cue stick chalkers!

Made of 4 basic components, the hook, the ‘cup’, the beads and charms, this hand made cue stick pocket chalker has charm and personality a-plenty, just like the player him/herself! Available in a wide range of colors and styles, this chalker is sturdy, easy to use, and not to be confused with anyone else’s! Almost all of our chalkers are either one of a kind or hand made in very limited quantities. Have a special ‘totum’ or ‘good luck’ charm or just a favorite flower, animal ,or color that you like? Browse through our full catalog of Charmed Chalkers and see if one ‘speaks to you’…that’s the one you pick!

Why are we so passionate about our pool cue chalkers?

Kat (the owner of Charmed Chalkers) has been playing pool with the APA for about 5 years. Not only is Kat a ‘pool-aholic’, but she has been a designer for several years making many things from costumes to drapes to tote bags and purses to wedding gowns. This is her first venture into making anything strictly billiards related. Originally the chalkers were something she just made for herself, but then the captain of the team asked her to design one for him. Soon she was getting requests from people she didn’t know and even began selling them at pool conventions. Because almost every chalker is unique, she never seems to get tired of making them. And as an artist, she loves creating and sharing her work with others.

If you look through our catalog and cannot find one that you absolutely love, Kat is always open to suggestions and willing to discuss custom orders of pool cue chalkers for yourself or pool team. We want each one of these to be as special to you as they are to her. Just contact her and she will get back to you right away!

We stand behind the quality of every single Charmed Chalker we sell!

At Charmed Chalkers, we stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our pool cue chalkers. But, since our product is made up of many components, we realize that accidents will happen. This is why all of our Charmed Chalkers have a free limited lifetime warranty. This means that if at anytime that you own the chalker it breaks, through regular use, we will replace your pool cue Charmed Chalker for free.