Onyx Tribal Scorpion  $36.95

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Okay, I couldn’t resist…Here is the Black Scorpion. Complete with a black leather wrap!  Black onyx is the center bead focal point framed with 2 small hematite beads and a couple spacers.  The pendant is a stainless steel scorpion not to be denied!  Perfectly balanced and loose but sturdy in the hand, this chalker will certainly help you make a statement! Watch out, tho…keep your eye and hand on it, tuck it securely in your pocket and beware of  your opponents coveting eyes!

Hook is 4 1/2″ long. Smooth leather slips easily in and out of the pocket and the beads and pendant hang about 4 ” from the pocket.

Hematite grounds and protects us. Known for enhancing focus, concentration, willpower, confidence and courage.

Onyx is helpful in areas of self control, inner strength and endurance.  It also anchors energy and activates memory.

This really is a handsome piece of functional jewelry.