Amethyst Dragon Claw  $36.95

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Long, black leather wrapped hook is about 4 1/2″ long. From it, a nice medley of amethyst and onyx hang about the same distance, for great balance!  2 round amethyst beads flanking the center rectangle black onyx bead are perfect with the amethyst marble clutched in the silver tone dragon claw! This is a cool purple and black combo that appeals to both guys and gals! The amethyst marble sits securely in the dragon’s talons! I’ve made sure this popular model will not let you lose your marbles! (If this has happened in the past, please contact me. Not anymore!)

Amethyst is known to dispel fear and anxiety, brings calm and stimulates thought and concentration. Besides being a beautiful stone!

Onyx brings strength, stamina, consistency and self control. It stimulates the power of wise decision making…when you are trying to make wise decisions, anyway!

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