Onyx Kneeling Angel  $36.95

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My darling assistant put this picture up of my personal chalker!  Many of them are my personal chalkers for a while and if they get compliments, I make more!  I have components to make 3 more like this and can wrap the hook in leather as well.  I’m using this wrapped hook for now to make sure it will hold up and not come apart!  Not quite for sale yet, but hoping it will be a staple in my collection. Please email me if you’d like me to put this together for you…oh…and I liked the pic, too! FYI…I used this chalker 3 times this week at league…first, a 9 ball match, lost,  then 8 ball the next two nights and won both against formidable opponents! I concentrated on the properties of the onxy, sodalite and hematite to keep me grounded and focased! Plus it feels great in the hand!

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