Hemetite Wing Dragon  $36.95

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As you can probably tell, the dragon chalkers are very popular! This dragon happens to be my favorite and I have the same charm in a less expensive version, still WAY cool!  This dragon is made of stainless steel and is 1 1/4″ long and 1 1/2″ wide. This one has the ornate dragon hook at 4 1/2″ long that is very easy to handle! Slips in and out of the pocket without any issues (my hubby uses this hook and loves it! Has used it for almost a year and it still looks brand new!). There are 3 tibetan silver tube beads, 2 small spacers and 1 hematite bead.  It hangs a little over 3 1/2″ from the pocket and stays put in the pocket! (Please be careful when sitting with any of my chalkers in your pocket!  They can fall out or the hook can break…I will fix it gladly but cannot replace it if it gets left behind)

Hematite properties: traditionally used for focus, concentration, willpower, reliability, courage, confidence,optimism, trust, balance, stability and protection

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