Silver Angels Heart  $26.95

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This is the chalker I use!  Well, not this exact one, the heart I have on mine is a little different, but I have used this one for the last year after I made it up when my father died.  So many of my chalkers are made with a theme, or a feeling I have at the time.  The heart charm symbolizes the love I have for my family members who are no longer with me.  The 3 little angels, which are two sided, represent my mom, dad, mother in law, father in law, grandmother and grandfather.  The 2 rhinestone beads represent the stars in heaven, where they now reside, and when I need a little extra focus, I’ll hold it in my hand and ask ‘my angels’ to help me focus on my game. They have come thru for me this last session!  I’m MVP in 8 ball on Wednesday nights! Tuesday and Thursday nights, not so much…hmmm…maybe they’re playing bingo those nights!

On a 4 1/2″ long, slim mermaid hook, this chalker hangs about 4 1/2″ from the pocket.  It has an open weave 3D heart pendant at the bottom, 3 double sided angel dangles, 2 bright rhinestone beads and daisy spacers.

Feels great in the hand, slips easily in and out of the pocket, looks pretty and sparkly hanging from your pocket and is just a special one!  Need more or less angels? Contact me with your story and I’ll make one just for you!