Black Agate Skull  $36.95

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This cool skull chalker is black agate in the skull charm with a black onyx  rectangle bead and 2 small hematite beads. Hook is 4 1/2″ long and smooth and sturdy! Three tibetan silver tube beads and 2 small spacers frame the 2 small hematite beads and the lovely onyx.  It hangs 4 1/2″ from the pocket. Perfect balance and super easy to handle, I used this chalker last week in a match to see how it would feel and perform. It was ‘really nice!’ I won against a very formidable opponent! (Truth be told, she had just gotten a new puppy and was concerned about it tearing up her house…lucky for me!)

Onyx properties include self-control, endurance, inner strength and activates the memory!  It also anchors your energy so you can be more in the moment.

The black Agate protects against negative energies, attracts good fortune, promotes good will, helps to overcome fear, brings strength and is used for protection, success and courage!

Hematite stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought. It endows us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality!

Wow! No wonder I won! The big, burly guy at the next table saw this chalker, held it and went into deep thought…Good thing I can make him another one! I have 4 of these agate skull charms at the moment…don’t let your moment pass you by! Email me for a special order!


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