Orange Rock Arrow Head  $36.95

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Another very cool chalker I made up after visiting the bead fair!  This one is an orangish tan color, so brown leather was my choice for this one!  I don’t remember what kind of stone the arrowhead shaped rock is, sorry, so I don’t have properties associated with it.  I put some donut cut rocks on it plus 2 carnelian beads of my own, to come up with tis design!  Smooth brown soft leather hook is about 4 1/2″ long and it hangs about the same length from the pocket. NO BLING!!! But still cool as ever!

Carnelian is a great power stone! Some people don’t like the orange color, but, wow, it’s got a bunch of power associated with it! Good for memory, courage, self-esteem and it is stabilizing and restores vitality and motivates success!  Beautiful stone, not super popular even tho it should be!  Orange is a powerful color!  I love orange, probably cuz I’m a redhead, and it looks good on me, even tho I rarely wear it!

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