Turquoise Flying Eagle  $36.95

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On a black leather wrapped 4 1/2″ hook, this chalker hangs about 4″ from the pocket. Lightweight and easy to use, not super flashy and slips in and out of the pocket with ease!  I love the combo of black onyx and real turquoise beads from Africa!  The turquoise beads are small for a touch of color and compliment the black onyx rectangle bead!  Not too flashy, either, for that more subdued user.  I can put this combo on any charm, but I chose the smaller eagle on this to make it a bit more subtle.

Turquoise qualities include: Brings serenity, wisdom, strength, balance and  positive thinking! It dispels negativity and instills inner calm and assists in creative problem solving!

Onyx is for strength, stamina, consistency and self control. Also stimulates the power of wise decision making!  What a combo! No wonder I love it!


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